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Stick Waffle Maker
The stick waffle maker is a useful appliance for a variety of catering settings. It allows professional caterers or kitchen staff to quickly produce large numbers of light and tasty waffles. You can make up to six waffle sticks at a time, with a three minute cook time for each batch. A built in timer helps to make sure that each batch is perfect, while a temperature control lets you adjust how light or dark each one is.

It is a simple, quick accompaniment to offer to customers at a coffee shop. Waffle sticks are a fun single-serving food to offer to children at family-friendly events. Waffle sticks are also easier to eat on the go than full-sized Belgian waffles, so they are suitable to outdoor catering, concessions, or as an alternative to muffins and donuts at a continental breakfast.


 "De toutes les passions, la seule vraiment respectable me paraît être la gourmandise"              Guy de Maupassant

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